MT Energeco
PT Energeco

  • Classic pattern with four central grooves plus two side grooves with wide shoulders.
  • Super-single tyre.
  • Very low hysteresis compound (less heat generated) which leads to lower rolling resistance.
  • Increased fuel economy.
  • Excellent mileage.
  • High resistance to abrasion and tears.
  • Design characterized by excellent water drainage and minimal stone trapping.
  • Reduced braking distance in the wet.
Misura Profilo  

445/45R19.5 MT Energeco integrale
Ecoenergy RP100

445/45R19.5 PT Energeco Ecoenergy
đź•— 435/50R19.5 MT Energeco integrale
Ecoenergy RP100
  435/50R19.5 PT Energeco
  425/55R19.5 PT Energeco Ecoenergy
  355/50R22.5 PT Energeco Ecoenergy

đź•— : until stock depletion