The significant developments in the sector, accompanied by the constant progress made in retreading, have naturally gone hand-in-hand with an evolution in how the product range is presented.

MARIX truck range nomenclature

The retread that does not fear comparison

The shift in demand towards retreads with increasingly high expectations, the progress in inspection systems, and the possibility to manufacture tyres that comply with the strictest standards in terms of performance and safety on any type of road surface, are all factors that have today seen Marangoni further extend its MARIX range, guaranteeing the highest performance available in retreading.

Marix RP100

The latest generation Premium retreads are now identified with a new name: Marix RP100.


Ecoenergy series

Tyres designed to bring fuel savings of up to 3% when used on both drive and trailer axles.

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5 Years warranty

We can make this commitment because of high technical standards of production, being internationally recognised and to the usage of high quality materials.

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Product range

The main point of reference for the construction of machinery in the retreading industry, Marangoni has further consolidated its roots, offering technological development, manufacturing expertise and a vast range of products, representing another fundamental stage in the new era of the retread.

The MARIX range is divided into specific segments so as to meet growing demand, expertly fulfilling specific needs:

On-Road. Medium and long distance. Drive.

On-Road. Medium and long distance. Trailer.

Mixed On/Off

City - Intercity - Tourism