The advantages of retreaded tyres

Why to retread used tyres?

There is not much sense in destroying a high-energy product simply because during its first life cycle it has lost a few millimetres of its tread on the road.

The tyre structure consists of composite materials held together through a very complex industrial process, which combines and cures approximately 200 different raw materials for the manufacture of semi-finished products.

Retreading represents the best way to help the environment and at the same time save money: reduced use of raw materials, less casings to dispose of, greater savings for the user. The perfect product for the new millennium.


Choosing Marix retreads means:

  • Retreading with the most advanced technology available on the market
  • On-site technical consulting and casing management
  • A very wide range (divided by characteristics and sizes), designed to meet all requirements
  • A network of highly specialised dealers.