Hot or cold, RP100 makes the difference
in all types of use

The Marix RP100 range guarantees the most demanding transport operators maximum mileage over regional travel, minimum fuel consumption for long distances, and exceptional grip for passenger transport.




the highest performance in hot cure retreads


the highest performance in cold retreads

Tireless research in the field of compounds has led to the development of products with even higher performance.


Reduced rolling resistance ensured by a tread made from compounds with very low hysteresis, and patterns designed to limit heat production. Up to 3% saving in fuel consumption compared to standard products.


Optimised tread empty/full ratio, premium compounds and added depth.
Up to 15% more mileage than alternative products.



Excellent stability on winter roads, guaranteed by layered tread, 3D technology and winter compounds.
Up to 10% more grip in extreme conditions
, such as snow, ice or rain.


Compounds with very high resistance to cuts and tears, the thickness of the tread ensures maximum casing protection. Up to 20% longer life, minimising accidental breakages caused by typical on-off surfaces.

Explore the widest range on the market and look for the RP100 symbols to select the most advanced Marix retreads.