MZ National +
PZ National

  • Pattern suitable for predominately regional uses, featuring exceptional versatility.
  • Compound ideal for all types of use, combining good mileage and excellent grip, even in the wet.
  • Very high mileage.
  • Extremely uniform wear.
  • Possibility to change axle positions thanks to the non-directional pattern.
  • Excellent grip in the wet.
  • Exceptional versatility.
Size Pattern Std/Prem
  265/70R19.5 PZ National  
  285/70R19.5 PZ National  
  305/70R19.5 PZ National  
  11.00R20 PZ National  
  12.00R20/F20 PZ National  
  11R22.5 PZ National
  12R22.5 PZ National
  295/80R22.5 PZ National  
  315/80R22.5 MZ National + RP100
315/80R22.5 PZ National

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