MD National / MD National EXTRA
PD National / PD National 2

  • Design suitable for all seasons for regional and long-distance uses characterized by excellent versatility of use.
  • MD National Extra and PD National 2 with increased tread depth with respect to the standard version.
  • Compound suitable for any type of use which combines excellent mileage with high grip even in the wet.
  • Excellent traction even in the cold season.
  • High mileage.
  • Excellent versatility of use.
  • Exceptional grip in all road conditions.
  • Minimal stone trapping.
Size Pattern Std/Prem
  245/70R17.5 PD National

265/70R17.5 PD National
đź•— 205/75R17.5 MD National integrale
  205/75R17.5 PD National
đź•— 215/75R17.5 MD National integrale
  215/75R17.5 PD National  
đź•— 225/75R17.5 MD National integrale
  225/75R17.5 PD National  
  235/75R17.5 PD National  
  9.5R17.5 PD National
đź•— 245/70R19.5 MD National  
  245/70R19.5 PD National  
đź•— 265/70R19.5 MD National  
  265/70R19.5 PD National  
đź•— 285/70R19.5 MD National  
  285/70R19.5 PD National  
  305/70R19.5 PD National  
  10R22.5 PD National  
13R22.5 PD National
315/60R22.5 PD National 2
  255/70R22.5 PD National  
  275/70R22.5 MD National  
  275/70R22.5 PD National  
  305/70R22.5 PD National  
  315/70R22.5 MD National EXTRA integrale RP100
  315/70R22.5 PD National  
315/70R22.5 PD National 2
  315/80R22.5 MD National EXTRA integrale RP100
315/80R22.5 PD National 2

: tempi di produzione prolungati o cambio standard.
*: adatto a carcasse di larghezza uguale o superiore a 250mm
đź•—: fino ad esaurimento scorte