• Non-directional pattern featuring solid centre ribs, wide shoulders and excellent self-cleaning properties for off-road use.
  • Compound suitable for mixed use, highly resistant to laceration and tearing.
  • Excellent mileage thanks to the high wear resistance.
  • Excellent traction on all terrain.
  • Optimum water dispersal and less stones trapped in the tread.
  • Possibility to change axle positions thanks to the non-directional pattern.
  • Lower mileage costs, as the tyres can be retreaded again.
  • Reinforced sidewall to withstand damage and scraping on the side (RF version).
Size Pattern  
  13R22.5 MSB RP100
  13R22.5 PSB  

295/80R22.5 MSB bead to bead
  315/80R22.5 MSB RP100
315/80R22.5 MSB RF RP100

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