MZ Ecocity 3
PZ Ecocity 3

  • Deep tread featuring special tread blocks for high mileage and very uniform wear throughout its life.
  • Compound designed especially for city driving in all seasons, featuring exceptional grip in all conditions.
  • Very high mileage (in even bigger sizes in the RP100 version).
  • Excellent traction guaranteed by shape and layout of the blocks, as well as the specific compound.
  • The robust and solid shoulder guarantees maximum resistance to impact and scraping against pavements.
  • Non-directional pattern makes it easier to change the position the tyre is fitted on the vehicle.
    Maximum passenger safety.
  • Reinforced sidewall to withstand damage and scraping on the side (RF version).
Size Pattern  

275/70R22.5 MZ Ecocity 3 RF RP100

275/70R22.5 PZ Ecocity 3
  305/70R22.5 PZ Ecocity 3

295/80R22.5 PZ Ecocity 3