Major website update

15 October 2014
The most important changes affected the product range branch and several other pages. Read on for all the details about the update.

First of all the product range section has been completely restructured and filled with all the up-to-date product informations.

The Marix range is now divided into new specific segments. The most important ones are introduced and schematised in a graph (see the example below) clearly representing the correct use and the level of performance of the products belonging to it.

Clicking on a product name label leads the visitor to a dedicated product web page, containing all the available sizes, the photo and the icons and symbols related to the uses and to the product features (M+S and 3PMSF included).

Other significant updates are related to the pages where we present our retreaded truck brand, Marix, the Ecoenergy series and the advantages of choosing a Marix retread.

For those who aren't familiar with our product nomenclature - we created a page dedicated to that topic.
Speaking of new pages there's also a new technology page, which sums up the progresses of our constantly improving industrial process and research.