MT National 3

Marix MT National 3
  • Innovative pattern with 4 grooves and wide shoulders;
  • Protections at the bottom of the groove;
  • Super-single tyre;
  • High resistance to wear;
  • Low rolling resistance, which places this tyre at the same level as the best products available in this segment;
  • Versatility of use thanks to the fact that the compound can be used for both regional and long distances;
  • Excellent mileage;
  • Reduced fuel consumption thanks to the low rolling resistance;
  • High resistance to side and cross scraping;
  • Versatility of use also thanks to the M+S marking;
  • Excellent grip in all conditions;
  • Optimal water drainage and less stones trapped in the tread.
Size Pattern
385/65R22,5 MT National 3 bead to bead Mescola EcoenergyRP100